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Contracts & Tenders // May 19, 2008

MCJ Ref No: 637/Y/05

Project Area: Stanford-le-Hope, UK

Project Stage: Further information

Site: Shell Haven – London Gateway Scheme

Value: £1.5 billion overall

Start: 10/2008

Promoter: DP World, 16 Palace Street, Westminster, London, SW1E 5JQ; Tel: 020 7901 4000

Contact: Mr Andrew Bowen

Profile: Lot 2: Processing of dredged spoil and aggregate.

Additional information: The Department for Transport have issued a ‘Harbour Empowerment Order’ which will provide official and statutory powers to the client in order to develop the port; Lot 4: Construction of a container terminal. Works include quay, yard area and associated facilities; Lot 5: Railway terminal and associated railway works; Lot 8: Provision of consultancy services for project development, contract administration and site supervision. Port development which will include ecological and environmental monitoring and surveys; Two berth RoRo terminal: Terminal will comprise of 26 hectares of paved area with port-related buildings and services. Berths will be pontoon berths with single linkspan; Tanker jetty and pipelines for aviation and bitumen; Lot 1: Construction of tanker jetty; Lot 2: Construction of pipelines and associated control works; Advance works for major port development. Works will include demolition of five decommissioned oil jetties, site roads, railway works, fencing and service connections; Harbour construction: Lot 1: Dredging works to deepen existing channel and create manoeuvring and berthing area and reclamation to create land for port construction. Works will also include separation of dredge spoil to obtain stockpile of material to be used for other uses with finer grained material used for reclamation; Lot 2: Aggregate processing arising from dredging operation for construction; Lot 1: Breaching existing defences and construction of coast defence works and seawall as a managed retreat to create inter-tidal habit at North Mucking Flats; Lot 2: Breaching existing defences and construction of coast defence works and seawall as a managed retreat to create inter-tidal habitat at Cliffe Marshes on north Kent coast; Off-site works: Lot 1: Works to the junction of A13 and Manorway A1040 and junction of A13 and A176 and construction of a new roundabout at Sorrells Roundabout; Lot 2: Construction of dual carriageway access road to the port including grade separated crossing of a railway; Lot 3: Construction of port storm and foul drainage, water main connections, electricity substation and connection works

Last Report: MCJ616; 29.11.2007. Not revised

Date: 15/05/2008

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