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MEDCO awarded dredging contract for Qatar's 'New Port Project'

News // March 19, 2012

Artist's impression of the naval base at the New Port Project.

MEDCO (Middle East Dredging Company QSC) has been awarded a contract to dredge the approach channel for the ‘New Port Project’ in Qatar for the account of the New Port Project Steering Committee, under the Government of the State of Qatar.

The contract also includes the dredging of the basin as well as the land reclamation for a naval base of approximately 4.5km2 and the construction of the two outer breakwaters at both sides of the Channel.

The New Port is located between Al Wakrah and Mesaeed, South of Doha.

The New Port will be developed in several phases to include three container terminals with a combined annual capacity in excess of six million containers per year and a railway terminal connected to the GCC Railway Network, thus connecting the New Port to neighboring countries and opening horizons to serve the joint market of the Gulf States.

MEDCO will be responsible for dredging a 20km access channel and the naval base basin, the land reclamation with dredged materials, construction of rubble mound outer breakwaters at each side of the channel, construction of rock revetment at the naval base, supply and installation of navigation aids and environmental mitigation (re-location of coral, sea grass, mangrove that would be affected by the works).

The work includes the dredging of approximately 45 million m³ of mainly hard rock materials. The project has undergone a rigorous and thorough environmental assessment and the strict environmental conditions resulting from these studies will have to be strictly adhered to by all parties involve din the project.

MEDCO will deploy its self-propelled dredger Al Jarraf, which was recently delivered in Singapore. In addition, two self-propelled seagoing rock cutter suction dredgers will be deployed to execute the assignment. The work will start in March 2012 and will be completed early 2016.

MEDCO is a partnership between the Qatari company United Development Company (UDC, 45.1 per cent), Qatar Holding (Government of Qatar, 10 per cent) and DEME (44.1 per cent).


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