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Ellicott completes refurbishment of GLDD cutter suction dredger

Project Updates // April 21, 2017

Ellicott has completed the refurbishment of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) 12in cutter dredge Commodore, a non-Ellicott dredge.

After extensive flood damage, GLDD hired Ellicott to refurbish and modernize Commodore, including hydraulics, electric controls, and the booster pump.
One of the main improvements was a comprehensive upgrade to Commodore’s hydraulic system. The cutter drive system was upgraded to 130hp with the same RPM as the current system. This increases the dredge’s efficiency, allowing it to cut harder and more compact materials. The proportional valves were also replaced and integrated into the dredge’s new control system.
Another improvement was the complete overhaul of the control systems. All old electric controls and circuits were removed and replaced with a more modern system. The new system is more efficient and allows for easier troubleshooting and superior integration.

A more ergonomic chair was added to increase operator comfort, and the dash was replaced with a larger touch screen display for easier operation.

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