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Mega cutter suction dredger D'Artagnan formally named

New Vessels // October 26, 2005

On October 21st the mega self-propelled cutter suction dredger D'Artagnan, which was built for Société de Dragage International (SDI), part of Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering (DEME), was formally named in Dunkirk, France. The new vessel was built by IHC Holland.

SDI and IHC Holland Dredgers signed a contract for the construction of D'Artagnan in December 2003. Construction started in mid-2004, the dredger was launched on 22nd April 2005 and delivery took place on September 28th 2005.

D'Artagnan can dredge to a depth of 35m, and is equipped with two inboard dredge pumps and one submerged dredge pump on the cutter ladder. The dredged material can be pumped ashore through a 1,000mm discharge pipe.

The ship is equipped with a modern barge loading system which can load barges moored alongside the dredger. The spud carriage was built by IHC according to a completely new design. It includes among other things a buffer system which enables dredging for a longer period under unfavourable weather conditions.

The dredger is equipped with two propellers (3,700kW each) that can generate a speed of nearly 12.5 knots.

D'Artganan is a very flexible vessel which has been specially equipped to work in a variety of different material, and is designed for better performance in swell than existing vessels of this type. 

The vessel has a high level of automation, large pumping capacity and is designed to be environmentally-friendly in operation.


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