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OPL your obvious choice for reference material purpose designed to meet the day to day information requirements of the dredging, marine industry and offshore market place.


Dredgers of the World - 3rd edition

With the first edition of this important register published over four years ago, we made a firm commitment to the dredging industry and now this new third edition takes that commitment further. We used our experience of research, preparation and publishing of other registers as a starting point, the expertise of the IADC and many of the world’s best known contractors to publish this new book.

This third edition is bigger and better than ever - more pages (680), more vessels (880) and more specification and performance data than ever. It has also been completely updated because we’ve checked every piece of information directly with owners, so that when we say that this is the definitive register, it is. Check the contents data below and the sample pages shown and we think you’ll see what we mean.

  • General - name, owner, marine manager, year built, type, classification, flag, call sign
  • Main Dimensions - LOA, breadth, depth, drafts (dredging, loaded and unloaded), GRT, NRT, DWT
  • Machinery and Power - main engine(s), available power (all modes of operation), performance
  • Dredging and discharge equipment - dredging depths, capacities (dredging and discharge), shore delivery system (if applicable), hopper capacity, pipe diameters
  • Accommodation (if applicable)
  • Mooring system
  • Additional data - this paragraph includes details on every element of a dredger’s specification or performance not listed under the main information headings.
Dredger types included (and number of units included in the book)
  • Backhoe, dipper, grab and clam shell dredgers (178)
  • Barge unloading dredgers (21)
  • Bucket ladder dredgers (72)
  • Cutter suction dredgers including bucket wheel dredgers (303)
  • Special equipment - agitation, water injection and wormwheel dredgers (19)
  • Suction dredgers (26)
  • Trailing suction hopper dredgers (261)
dredgers of the world
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remotely operated vehicles
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Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World - 5th edition

Since 1994 this book has been the one essential piece of reading for anyone involved or interested in ROV’s and this new fifth edition is, without question, our best yet. In it you’ll find detailed specifications and performance related data for every vehicle in the world’s fleet (heavy duty work vehicles, light weight inspection vehicles, deep ocean research vehicles and specialist survey units are all here, see contents below for full listings) plus much additional and highly useful data on builders, operating companies and equipment manufacturers all linked by indices which make access to any information you need simplicity itself. If ROV’s are your business this is probably the only book you’ll ever need.

  • Over 100 ROV builder listings, including many new entries
  • Since the last edition some 30 vehicles have been deleted and at least the same number of new ones added for this new book.
  • Full details on 284 vehicles in the following categories
  • 30 AUV’s
  • 15 custom built/special purpose systems
  • 35 inspection, observation, search and survey vehicles
  • 35 inspection, observation, search, survey and light work vehicles
  • 65 large and medium work and support vehicles
  • 25 low cost vehicles
  • 8 military systems
  • 60 towed underwater systems
  • 38 tracked vehicles
  • ROV operators section provides details on over 100 ROV operating companies
  • Specifications, GA’s and illustrations for 65 dedicated ROV support vessels
  • Directory section listing approx 425 companies involved in the manufacture and supply of products and services.

Survey Vessels of the World - 4th edition

The only complete register to cover all classes of survey vessels

If you have an interest in the ships which make up the world’s survey vessel fleet, then this new edition in our famous series of registers, will be essential.

Here you will find detailed specifications, performance data, general arrangement drawings and illustrations for some 525 ships set out clearly by work type category. There are 150 seismic vessels with, in addition to the normal marine data you would expect, extra headings dealing with streamers, airgun sources and compressor capacities to provide an aid to performance evaluation. You will also find entries for 140 hydrographic vessels suitable for all types of coastal and offshore operations and 220 ocean research ships.

This new fourth edition naturally contains full details on all newbuild tonnage and conversions from other trades, but at the same time we have updated all existing vessel data to take into account every upgrade to vessel’s specifications, equipment outfit and performance. A quick look at the content details below is all that it takes to show that this new book will be of exceptional value for those involved in buying in survey services, in the manufacture of marine, electronic or survey equipment for newbuilds or retrofitting and shipyards. Yard owners whose interests include vessel conversion, modification, retrofitting or repair will find the book especially useful as will shipbrokers, ships agents, port authorities and consultants.

  • Fully illustrated details including photographs, general arrangement drawings and specifications, performance and capacity data on over 525 vessels
  • Seismic survey vessels
  • Coastal and deepwater hydrographic survey vessels
  • Deep ocean research vessels
  • Small general purpose inshore vessels
  • Full directory of vessels owners and managers
  • Easy search indices for quick location on any vessel by type, owner and survey capability
survey vessels
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construction vessels
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Construction Vessels of the World - 5th edition

Here it is, the new fifth edition of the world’s only specialist register covering every class of vessels involved in offshore construction

If you are looking for a title that will give you direct access to detailed specifications for every vessel involved in the support of offshore exploration, field development, production, R&M and decommissioning operations, then this is it. This book has, over the eleven years since it was first published, become the number one reference source on the subject and has, of course, become better and better with each subsequent edition. Now this new fifth edition breaks new ground to make it the best edition we’ve ever published - more vessels, over 800 in total, more technical and specification details for each one and more photographs and general arrangements to bring this wealth of information to life, all adds up to making this the definitive register on the subject. As you’d expect within its pages you’ll find details on all newbuilds and vessels currently under construction plus ships brought in from other trades for conversion to fulfill offshore construction support roles. Naturally all data included for these and other vessels is completely authentic since every single facet of specification and performance information has been verified with the builders, owners, operators or managers directly before inclusion in this new edition. This, as you may imagine, is a massive task since data headings for each ship from twelve different types and classes includes; ownership, class, flag performance, capacities, propulsion, operating (inc. navigation and positioning) systems, accommodation and much much more.

Take a look at the contents details below and the sample pages illustrated and you will see what we mean. If you need further information on the vast data contents of this unique reference source just call.

Full details including ownership/management, build/conversion dates, class, specifications, propulsion, capacities and a wide range of additional operating data is included for the following classes of vessels.

  • Saturation Diving Support Vessels (DSV’s)
  • Multipurpose vessels (MSV’s)
  • Accommodation Units
  • Derrick lay barges
  • Heavy lift transportation vessels
  • Well stimulation ships
  • Cable, umbilical and flexible lay vessels
  • Pipelay vessels/barges
  • Pipe/flowline bury spreads
  • Derrick/crane barges and ships
  • Pontoon/deck transportation/launch barges
  • Specialist decommissioning vessels
  • Lift vessels plus a complete directory of all vessel owners, operators and managers.
If you are involved or interested in offshore construction and field development operations this book must find a place in your reference reading material.

Mobile Drilling Units of the World - 6th edition

This new 6th edition of the world’s most detailed ‘rig’ register is the biggest and most comprehensive that we have ever produced. Not only have we re-verified the entire data content and expanded all the specifications but we have also included details of the new generation deepwater drilling, harsh environment, multifunctional rigs.

This new edition contains specifications for

  • 737 rigs, including
  • 401 Jackups
  • 192 semisubmersibles
  • 144 drillships
For every one of these entries you’ll find details as applicable on;
  • ownership
  • classification
  • dimensions
  • draft and displacement
  • operating parameters
  • drilling equipment
  • capacities
  • subsea systems
  • cranage
  • moorings
  • accommodation
  • diving systems and much more.
If you need the facts on the worlds drilling fleet this is the book for you.
mobile drilling units

mobile production systems

Mobile Production Systems of the World - 4th edition

Here it is, the fourth edition of the world’s only register devoted exclusively to mobile production systems and the fields upon which they are deployed. Since the last edition was published in 1999 the mobile production option has been chosen for an increasing large number of deepwater or small/marginal field developments. Sometimes these have involved the conversion of existing tonnage but more often over the past three years mobile production has meant new purpose built vessels that at the same time push forward the frontiers of design.

This edition brings you completely up to date with every mobile production system afloat worldwide including their associated mooring and marine riser systems, capacities and the production capabilities for which they were designed. Every type of system is included; monohulls, semi-submersibles, tension leg and jack-up units with, of course, their associated FSU’s and tanker loading facilities.

In all you will find data on

  • 75 FPSO’s (newbuild and conversions)
  • 17 Jack-up conversions
  • 42 semi-sub conversions and
  • 12 TLP’s working on some 146 fields worldwide.
Typical data for each mobile production system includes the following
  • Design criteria, locations/previous locations, owner, operator, builder, designer
  • Main dimensions and general specifications
  • Process capacities including gas flaring capacity
  • Storage capacities
  • Main power
  • Propulsion (if fitted)
  • Mooring system
  • Control systems
  • Riser system
  • General facilities including cranes, accommodation, helideck, communications, life-saving and fire fighting systems
  • Operating parameters including water depth, motion and production limits
  • Product export/disposal
  • Regulatory information including registration and classification and
  • Field development concept and vessel application/interface.

North Sea Field Development Guide - 8th edition

If you are looking for facts on what is happening offshore on Europes North West Continental Shelf, this book is the only reference you will need. The North Sea Field Development Guide is the most outstanding source of reference for any oil & gas producing region.

mobile drilling units


nm-97.gif - 19,87 K Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Maps for every major offshore region in the World
  • North Sea
  • South America
  • South East Asia
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Middle East

Other Registers

mps-w.jpg - 14,38 K
  • Mobile Drilling Units
  • Mobile Production Systems
  • Anchor Handling, Tugs and Supply Vessels
  • Construction Vessels
    ..............................covering the World

Oil & Gas Field Development Guides

nsdg-6.jpg - 9,11 K
  • North Sea
  • Mediterranean,
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia, India, Australasia & Far East
  • North & South America
  • Gulf of Mexico
    ...............covering fields, platforms, pipelines, wells, concessions


  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
  • Mobile Production Systems
  • Support Vessels
  • Topside Construction
  • Single Point Moorings
  • Subsea Production
  • Subsea Engineering

20-5.jpg - 6,83 K


  • ROV Supervisors
  • Operations and Pilot Technicians
  • Offshore Maintenance
  • Offshore Helicopter Operations
  • Offshore Safety and Survival
  • Diving
  • Rescue Towing
  • Jack-up Moving
  • Anchor Handling
  • Towing
  • Barge Moving
  • Barge Mooring
  • Stability and Ballast Control
  • Field Development Concepts
  • Marine Drilling

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